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Why Panama

  • Highest predicted GDP growth in Latin America for 2008 (International Monetary Fund)
  • 2nd lowest predicted inflation rate in Latin America for 2008 (International Monetary Fund)
  • Lowest inflation rate in Latin America over the last 20 years
  • #1 retitrement destination in the world six years in a row (International Living Global Retirement Index)


  • Second largest Free Trade Zone in the world after Hong Kong
  • Second largest number of off-shore corporations in the world after Hong Kong
  • 77 million baby boomers retiring over the next ten years – 4% expected to retire in Latin America!
  • Highest rating for tourist safety from the prestigous Pinkerton Intelliegency Agency (same rating as U.S.)
  • Infrastructure far ahead of the rest of Central America
  • Clean, drinkable water throughout the county
  • Official currency is the U.S. $
  • Only 2.5 hour plane ride from Miami
  • Daily direct flights from L.A., Newark, Atlanta, Houston, and Miami
  • Panama has world-class medical facilities – at prices far less than the U.S.
  • Panama in the banking center of Latin America, with over 90 banks
    represented from 35 different countries
  • Bank loans are widely available to foreigners in Panama, with interest rates comparable to the U.S.
  • Panama has perhaps the best retirment benefits program in the world
  • Numerous programs exist to assist foreigners in obtaining permanent residency in Panama quickly and easily (in as little as 4 months)
  • Panama has a stable democracy and strong poltical ties to the U.S
  • Real estate prices that are still far below those of Costa Rica and other traditional Latin American tourist and retiree destinations
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