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The availability of quality medical and health services ranks at the top of the selection criteria list for any individual seeking a foreign destination for investment, business opportunities or retirement.  Affordable services, top quality facilities, and well-trained professionals are a must, and all are readily available in Panama.

In fact, there are many patients that come to Panama for dental care, elective procedures,  and even essential medical care based on the cost and quality of care available.  The affordability of services can easily cover trip-related expenses, while new opportunities are explored for investment, business, or lifestyle changes.

U.S. standard health services are available in Panama at a fraction of the cost.   The Punta Pacifica hospital, located in one of Panama City’s most desired residential areas, is the only hospital in Latin America to be associated with John Hopkins Medicine International. This relationship brings some of the top doctors in the world, many of whom were trained in the U.S., to provide medical services on par with the top health care institution world wide. Moreover, services are generally provided at 50% or less of the cost in the U.S.

Hospital Nacional is another highly notable private hospital. This modern, private, 80 bed hospital is located just two blocks from the former U.S. Embassy in the heart of Panama City. The hospital’s reputation for excellence has been gained over 30-year period of providing top quality services. In 1998, a new medical complex was built which boasts the most advanced medical technology and equipment in Central America. Administrative services for the hospital are provided by The Family Hospital Group, a notable Boston based hospital management firm. The hospital is also affiliated with the Harvard Medical Faculty of Physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.  In recent years, nearly the entire hospital has been renovated, proving patients with modern, upgraded facilities and access to state of the art medical equipment.

Even public hospitals in Panama have a respectable reputation. For instance, in 2004 Panama City’s Santo Tomas Hospital received a $110 million face lift, and is currently ranked as the best public hospital in Latin America with services on par or surpassing many similar U.S. facilities. Services are available to non-residents with the authorization of a referring physician, and while wait times for for many procedures can be from several weeks to several months, the costs of service is almost fully subsidized. For instance, an endoscopy whose average cost is around $2,500 in the United States can be performed at Santo Tomas for less than $50.

Likewise, health insurance in Panama can generally be obtained at around half of the price in the United States often for more comprehensive coverage.  For instance, the best Blue Cross Blue Shield plan for a married 40 year old couple with two children will cost around $350/month, and includes international coverage.

Need a referral for a Panama based dentist, doctor, or insurance broker?  Contact Philip James today for quick assistance.

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